Coca-Cola Kwanza set to unveil plastic bottles cleanup campaign

07Feb 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Coca-Cola Kwanza set to unveil plastic bottles cleanup campaign

AS the world gradually moves to tame the menace thus caused by plastics, Coca Cola Kwanza Limited is embarking on a plastic bottles cleanup campaign dubbed, ‘Mchanga pekee.’

Coca-Cola Kwanza Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Haji Mzee speaks in Dar es Salaam during an announcement of the forthcoming ‘ Mchanga pekee’ campaign due to be launched in Dar es Salaam next Saturday. He is accompanied by the campaign’s Ambassador Mrisho Mpoto. Photo: courtesy of Coca Cola Kwanza.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam this week, the Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited’s Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Haji Mzee said that the campaign will be launched next Saturday at Coco beach and will last for a year.

Mzee said that Coca-Cola has decided to come up with the campaign following a report published by the International Council of Beverages Association (ICBA) at the end of last year which indicated that environmental pollution of beaches resulting from plastic bottles stands at 13,000 per square kilometres while the company’s own research showing that there are 150 million tonnes of plastic bottles at ocean shores all over the world.

With these reports and others, the Coca-Cola company’s ‘Mchanga pekee’ campaign is aimed at  partnering with society to understand the importance and advantages of keeping the environment clean by collecting plastic bottles and recycling them.

“The ‘Mchanga pekee’ campaign will target on cleaning our beaches and keeping them clean and neat at all the times. In addition, the campaign will involve collecting plastic bottles within our areas and disposing them safely through recycling,” Mzee said.

He further noted that Coca-Cola has entered into an agreement with the government through Kinondoni Municipal by cleaning Coco beach to start with but the campaign will roll all over the country’s beaches.

“In that regard, we have appointed Mrisho Mpoto as the campaign ambassador and also we have partnered with Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) in order to make this campaign successful,” added the Coca Cola Director of Public Affairs and Communications.

The beverages company will also employ women and youth and empower them to embark on a task of cleaning and collecting all plastic bottles along the country’s beaches.

Through the yearlong campaign, Coca Cola Kwanza targets to sensitize the public of plastic bottles responsible disposing  which has various advantages including importance of keeping safe and clean environment, supporting government efforts in making sure the public understands the importance of living in a clean environment, promoting tourism through clean beaches and women cum youth empowerment.




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