CRDB’s heavy investment in customer feedback infrastructure paying off

14Oct 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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CRDB’s heavy investment in customer feedback infrastructure paying off

FOR Maria Nambeye, a resident of Izumbwe village in Mbeya Rural district getting her suggestions across to CRDB Bank Plc’s headquarters for possible action was an uphill task until recently. Nambeye’s main challenge is that she lives some 60 kilometres away from the nearest bank branch.

CRDB’s head of customer experience, Yolanda Uriyo (2nd R) briefing Kikwajuni house of representatives member, Nasoro Salum Ali (L) how a short text messages customer feedback services works on a laptop during the launch last week in Zanzibar. Centre is the bank’s chief operating officer, Bruce Mwile. Photo courtesy of CRDB.

“It has not been easy to present feedback or make suggestions as I had to travel to Mbalizi where the nearest bank branch is located to meet the manager,” the retired primary school teacher stated.

Among her suggestion is that the country’s leading bank should provide crop and livestock insurance cover for rural farming families to protect them against risks. This week, ‘the bank that listens,’ seems to have heard Nambeye’s request by introducing a feedback platform for feature phones. She can text her message to number 15089 and get instant response from the bank’s attendants.

“This SMS feedback services is tailor made for all our customers especially the majority rural folks who have no access to internet of a smartphone,” said the Bank’s Head of Customer Experience, Yolanda Uriyo said during the SMS feedback service launch.

“As has been the custom annually, during this customer service week we will be interacting with customers to thank them for the good support that they give us,” she said adding that with the latest text messaging innovation more customer feedback is expected.

CRDB Bank which already has several innovative systems of getting customer feedback and suggestions as a means to improve customer experience, wants to get aboard all of its clients regardless of where they are based.

“With this last SMS feedback services, we are sure that almost everyone is onboard as the journey continues,” she said while noting that in April last year, a digitised platform through the bank’s QR Scanner and QR Code feedback system were launched.

“With introduction of the digital platform to get customer feedback, we have seen an increase in the number of feedback received,” Uriyo added while promising CRDB Bank customers that the bank values their feedback hence wants everyone onboard. Since the launch of the digital feedback platform, more than1,500 feedback messages have been received from clients based both within the country and abroad.

Uriyo further noted that the market’s largest bank by net asset value and service outlets, has a modern call in centre to handle customers’ inquiries and enable them give feedback.“There is a toll free number which customers from anywhere can use to send suggestions and complaints 24 hours a day and seven days a week to talk to our operators,” she stated saying the centre has also recorded a number of positive developments.

She explained that all such feedback mechanism are put in place by the bank to ensure that none of its customers and the general public seeking information regarding its products and services are left unattended.

Uriyo’s arguments were backed by the bank’s Chief Operations Officer, Bruce Mwile who said, that since the introduction of the digitized system of getting feedback from customers, there has been efficient and convenient interactions.

“As you all know, our bank is led by a slogan which states, ‘the bank that listens’ hence value customer feedback regarding our products and services very much,” Mwile said adding that when customers give feedback which necessitates changes, the management effects such changes to improve efficiency.

He said the bank which is one of the largest in the market derives its success story from customer support hence every suggestion made by the group is carefully evaluated and decision made if such an opinion guarantees better services.“With introduction of the digital platform to get customer feedback, we have seen an increase in the number of messages received,” he added.

In recent years, CRDB Bank has invested heavily in digital systems, resulting in improved operational efficiency and customer experience due to the ease of access to services through digital platforms. Among the bank’s outstanding digital outlets include SimBanking, Internet Banking, SimAccount, thousands of CRDB Wakalas, Point of Sale merchants and ATMs.

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