Danish envoy roots for investment in advanced security technologies

11Feb 2019
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Danish envoy roots for investment in advanced security technologies

Increasing security threats in the EAC bloc markets call for investment in new and innovative solutions such as modern technology that provides advanced protection to both life and property, a top Danish diplomat in the country has said.

The Ambassador of Demark, Einar Jensen (pictured), made this call over the weekend at the launch of new security products offered by G4S Secure Solutions (Tanzania) Ltd.


The security solutions and cash management company, which directly employs 2,000 people and has presence in five regions, specializes in protection of assets in the financial, industrial, diplomatic, mining, oil and gas and commercial sectors.


According to Ambassador Jensen, strengthening security for people and assets in the region comes at a critical time to counter apparent threats that have been witnessed in recent times. He said that no stone should remain unturned in protecting lives and property, including offering new security products like G4S has done in 2019.


“The world is changing rapidly and the need for safeguarding people and assets has never been greater than today. The need for safety for people of East Africa is also increasing. Not long ago we faced a brutal terrorist attack on a hotel in Kenya, we must unfortunately be prepared for such kind of attacks in the future,” the senior diplomat noted.


G4S said that the introduction of new technology will helpstrengthens security services in the country. The new products introduced by the company include Videofied, which the head of sales and marketing of G4S Secure Solutions, Andrew Lauwo, said is avideo alarm security system manufactured in France.


The product incorporates an intrusion sensor that then sends an instant video transmission to the G4S control room and your phone when a person enters a designated area.


“At The Gate” from South Africa is an access control solution that allows convenient tracking of who is entering and exiting your premises by scanning vehicle and drivers’ license information on entry and exit on an Android device. Canadian made Geotab is a vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring system that also offers a driver awareness tool that transforms the way driver coaching happens behind the wheel by providing real-time verbal feedback to the driver.


“The Sentinel Perimeter Protection from South Africa is a modular long range intrusion detection and deterrent system that alarms when breached and streams video footage by Wi-Fi while sending alerts to our control room and to your smart phone,” Lauwo said.


Speaking about new video security systems now available in the country, the CEO of Danish firm ZONITH, Kristian Stiesmark, said they include the Personal Panic Alarms which provides a fixed and mobile panic device that allows the wearer to summon assistance from the G4S response team in case of a threat or a medical or fire emergency.  ZONITH also offers a Bluetooth based technology option that allows an alarm signal and a location to be sent from anywhere with GSM coverage.



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