Dar launches inspection  to flush out substandard iron bars

12Aug 2019
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Dar launches inspection  to flush out substandard iron bars

THE Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has launched a countrywide market inspection to nab traders who continue to import and sell  substandard iron bars.

Speaking during the inspection in Dar es Salaam’s Buguruni area, TBS senior inspector, Eng. Donald Manyama said the campaign has been conducted in various parts of the country’s commercial capital s.

So far, Eng Manyama said the standard watchdog visited traders in Kigamboni, Kariakoo, Mbagala and Buguruni areas .He said next week the campaign would go to other regions.

Manyama explained that in Dar es Salaam they found most of iron bars did not have required specifications particularly in length.

  He said  the length of iron bar should  be between  38, or 40 feet  .But they have found that there are many  of them   with 37.6 or 39.7 feet long   which is wrong and loss to the consumer.

Manyama said they would contact with manufacturers to rectify the error, or take stern measures for those who would defy directives .

He urged manufacturers to abide  by  the stipulations and requirements in manufacturing iron bars

Speaking,  Ramadhani Shija,  a quality assurance officer  of the bureau said all iron bars have been graded. They ranges from 300, 350, 400 , 450 and 500 grades.

He urged consumers to look for the grade and length of the iron bars before they purchase and start construction work

According to him, failure to do so would led to a damage of their houses or structures.

He counseled people who engaged in construction to get advice on quality materials from recognized institutions.

He asked Tanzanians who purchase construction materials   to understand their grades in order to have permanent structures.

Shija  also insisted local manufacturers to continue improving their goods in order to fetch markets beyond Tanzania.

“Manufacturers have a great role to play in improvement of our economy thus they need to enable our country export more,” he insisted.

According to him ,  they will continue to provide education awareness to the entire manufacturers on the best practices governing the production of sensitive products like iron bars.

He said quality certification institutions play a crucial role for the development of local industries and government collect revenue for the development of Tanzania.

The Inspector  said the Bureau would continue to   educate  and inspect industries and other manufacturers to ensure they comply with production standards within the region.

He added that Tanzania has decided to go to industrial  economy  few years to come so all manufacturers  have  to support the government by  producing  quality  goods which can be  sold  at any market in Tanzania and beyond borders.

Speaking,  a marketing Manager  of  92 Hardware  Company at Buguruni area identified as Emmanuel Mwalongo  thanked the TBS officials for visiting at their  premise adding  they have been importing goods which meet required standards

He  said they would continue collaborating with relevant government authorities in order to avoid importation of substandard goods.

Standards Act No. 2 of 2009 states clearly that TBS is mandated to promote standards, and in doing so it cannot compromise quality.

The act empowers them to suspend production or importation of any goods which do not follow required procedures.

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