Dar recycler wins Africa’s top award

05Mar 2016
The Guardian
Dar recycler wins Africa’s top award

The Recycler, a firm that offers professional waste management and recycling solutions for waste streams in Tanzania, has won the 2016 Sankalp Africa Awards top prize after beating more than 250 enterprises from across Africa .

Recycler Chief Executive Officer Matthew Haden (2rd l) displays the 2016 Sankalp Africa Award he received in Nairobi, recently. He is flanked by Johnson Awuor, Minister for Industrialization, Transport and Enterprise Development of the Kisumu County, Tina Dooley-Jones, USAID Deputy Mission Director in Kenya (2rd r) and Nisha Dutt, Intellecap Chief Executive Officer. PHOTO BY GUARDIAN CORRESPONDENT

The Recycler won the award in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on February 25 for its role in overcoming waste management challenges in Tanzania.

"We are truly honoured to have been chosen as the Sankalp Award Winner from among the many deserving finalists,” said The Recycler founder and CEO Matthew Haden.

He said “Dar-es Salaam is a beautiful city, however we have an enormous waste management issue, it is not uncommon to find plastic, rubber, tin cans, glass bottles and even used syringes on our beaches, rivers and forests.”

According to him, The Recycler not only reduces and recycles the waste materials by collecting them from the source or point of origin but also provides gainful employment to hundreds of informal waste collectors, one of the most under privileged communities in Dar-es Salaam, by purchasing weight-based wastes from them.

Founded in 2014, The Recycler is a recycling company that offers waste management services to large companies, collecting and processing their recyclable waste for sale to up cyclers.

The company has also set up recycling collection points throughout Dar es Salaam and is researching large-scale bio-gas, waste to energy, insect-derived protein and informal collection networks.

Speaking on behalf of a panel of judges from Skankalp, Intellecap CEO, Nisha Dutt, said they believed that The Recycler would not only create long term benefits for the environment, but also had immense potential to create sustainable economic returns for all stakeholders.

“Matthew and his team set an excellent example for the kind of enterprises that Intellecap is trying to identify and nurture in the region,” said Dutt.

Intellecap is a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change.

Sankalp Forum was initiated in India in 2009 by Intellecap to create a thriving ecosystem for business-led inclusive development.

Over the past eight years, it has built one of the world’s largest impact enterprise focused platforms that has supported over 900 social enterprises with connections to over 400 investors, mentors and business support providers.