DODOMA applauds World Vision Tanzania

29Apr 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
DODOMA applauds World Vision Tanzania

DODOMA regional authority has applauded World Vision Tanzania for the commitment to help bring change to lives of people in the region, especially rural based population.

Kongwa District Commissioner (DC), Deo Ndejembi.

World Vision, operating in Dodoma region for decades now has sponsored livelihood projects that have improved living conditions, learning activities as well as health conditions of area residents.

Speaking at the phasing out of a twenty years old project at Sanzawa village in Chemba district in Dodoma region, the World Vision Tanzania  outlined key benefits that came with the project as increased agricultural production, sanitation and hygiene, education and availability of water.

Kongwa District Commissioner (DC), Deo Ndejembi who represented the Regional Commissioner (RC) Binilith Mahenge at the event, noted that at least 27,395 have benefited from the project established in 1999.

Out of this, there are 13,470 are children, 5,337 are boys and 5,621 girls as well as 8,304 men and 8,133 women. "It is a great day as we mark the end of twenty years direct sponsorship of the project that has changed lives of people for the better" he said.

"I therefore sincerely thank World Vision Ireland and the World Vision Tanzania for giving us this social development project at Sanzawa and joining the government in the fight against poverty" he added.

He said as the government takes over ownership of the project, it will ensure its sustainability, calling on the area residents to take care of the existing infrastructures.

On education, the project has seen increased schools enrolment from 73.7 to 88.1 percent, decreased under 18 years old marriage from 25.3 percent to one percent at the time of phasing out.  Through collaboration with the residents and the government, some 70 classrooms, equivalent to ten schools with one stream each have been built.

Also some 41 teachers houses have been built as a total of 1,133 desks were also distributed in schools where the project is located. At least 600 books were also distributed to different schools. In addition to training 45 pre-unit school teachers, 22 toilets were also constructed.

In terms of health, water and sanitation, the number of women delivering at the health facilities has increased from 42.2 to 72.40 percent while the number of expectant mothers who attended voluntary cancelling and testing of HIV/Aids increased from 65.4 to 99 percent.

Use of mosquito nets by residents also increased from 22 to 78.15 percent, some 30 health workers trained, two bore holes and five tanks for harvesting water in four schools were constructed.

On agriculture and food security, the ability of families to have enough food increased from 33.7 to 87.1 percent and the ability of families to meet the basic needs increased from 52.7 to 88.1 percent.

At least 7,213 farmers got training in improved agriculture and 4,925 others were empowered on production of improved potato breeds.

World Vision Tanzania' representative, Joan Kiiza while speaking at the event thanked the government for continued cooperation throughout the project period.

"All these could have not been possible without support from the government as well as resident s of Sanzawa", she said, adding that World Vision Ireland also played a very important role.

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