Dodoma business communities unhappy with poor coordination

30Jul 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Dodoma business communities unhappy with poor coordination

MEMBERS of business communities in Dodoma Region have expressed their dissatisfaction over poor coordination, organisation and tax assessments in doing varied businesses in the capital city.

They urged the government in the region to incorporate relevant stakeholders in the private sector to set up a effective environment of doing business in the fast-growing city.

In their recent audience with the Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Binilith Mahenge, the traders decried over imposition of unfriendly hotel levies, leasing rates, poor coordination and arrangement of traders in key markets as well as poor infrastructures.

For instance, they stated that it was disconcerting that hotels proprietors are supposed to pay levies in terms of at least 10 percent of their gross incomes, saying the system is weakening business operations and intended profits.

 Moreover, in their general outcry, they appealed to the office of Dodoma city council to earmark enough venues to enable small scale entrepreneurs to conduct businesses in a more professional and coordinated manner.

They also spoke over poor supply and reliable availability of clean water in market areas, urged the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitary Authority (Duwasa) to establish a good system of distributing a life-giving liquid in market places in order to ensure needed hygiene.

“There’s a need also for Dodoma city council to repair and improve the status of market structures within the city in order for the facilities to comply with the status of the capital city,” they suggested.

As the capital city continues to experience an uptick in influx of diverse business investments, the traders aired that it was prudent for the authorities to settle the professional environment of doing business, by improving relevant infrastructures as well as developing friendly policies in order to attract more investments from within and outside the country.

They also challenged the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) to see over the possibility of improving road networks at Kizota and Kinyambwa industrial areas, at the fringe of the city, including installing traffic lights.

The gathering was coordinated by the office of Dodoma regional commissioner to collect and solve numerous challenges facing the business sector in the capital city.