Dodoma city authority welcomes local and international investors

31Jul 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Dodoma city authority welcomes local and international investors

DODOMA city authority has called on both local and international investors to think of investing in the city, saying it is well planned and ready to accommodate both big and small investments.

Dodoma city’s executive director, Godwin Kunambi

This was said here by the city’s executive director, Godwin Kunambi, noting that unlike other cities in the country, the capital city is free from congestions like traffic jam among others.

“Dodoma is one of the cities in the country that are well planned with well designed infrastructure and this has helped reduce congestion,” he said, adding that it is the best place to invest.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with this paper, Kunambi stated that roads leading into and out of the city are free from traffic jam and even the internal roads are well maintained.

He cited some of the well tarmac internal roads as Martin Luther-Swaswa,Wajenzi-Chang’ombe, Meriwa-Swaswa, Emmaus –African Dreams, Ipagala-Ilazo, Kisasa-Njedengwa, among others.

Kunambi also said there are open recreation places at different parts of the city, naming them as Nyerere Square which is right in the middle of the city, Chinangali Park, about a kilometer from the central business district and others spread at different places.

According to the city boss, the cost of owning a plot of land in the city is much lower than any willing person can afford. He noted that the process is very transparent compared to the bureaucratic process in other cities elsewhere.

He added that approval of building plans also takes shorter time and with considerations to the client’s needs for development or investments in the plots of land.

Kunambi named areas with investment plots as Njedengwa with 580 hectares having 141 plots measuring at least two to 26 hectares each depending on the investor’s needs.

“Specific buildings in the area should be storey residential apartments, business premises and social service areas,” he said.

He explained that out of the above mentioned, 46 plots are for institutions, 20 for businesses while other 75 are residential ones, all situated in a well tarmac roads connection.

Another area is Iyumbu new city with 252 hectares holding 242 plots whereby ten plots are for businesses, two for small industries, 173 for commercial and residential as 57 others are for ‘special residential’.

He added that the city authority welcomes all investors and is ready to conduct more infrastructural adjustments on any specific area as per the investor’s request.

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