Dr Mpango doubts Buhigwe Hospital quality after 2.4bn/- construction b

03Jul 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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Dr Mpango doubts Buhigwe Hospital quality after 2.4bn/- construction b

THE quality of Buhigwe District Hospital in Kigoma region which has already choked up 2.4bn/- has forced Finance Minister, Dr Philip Mpango to order regional authorities to audit the project.

Buhigwe District Hospital building which are currently under construction in Kigoma region.

Dr Mpango who was on a field visit in Buhigwe said last week that value for money has not been well accounted for hence the need to closely supervise the contractor to ensure that the district hospital building is modern and durable.

“Quality of the buildings is not worth our expectations, this is supposed to be an ultra-modern district hospital therefore you need to strictly supervise the contractor. I will come back here in August and tell the contractor that the minister was not impressed by your work,” the Finance Minister noted.

He said the hospital which is incomplete but is already serving the public since June this year, will be audited to ensure that taxpayers money was properly spent. He warned the contractor and public officials involved in the project to be careful because misuse of public funds will not be tolerated.

Briefing the Minister, Buhigwe District Commissioner, Colonel Michael Ngayalina promised to implement Dr Mpango’s order and requested him to assist with resource mobilization to ensure that the project is completed.

“I thank you for regularly visiting our district to follow up on projects being funded by the government,” Ngayalina said while promising to make sure that all public monies are well spent in the district.

Acting District Medical Officer for Buhigwe, Fredrick Kanyondwi, so far 2.7bn/- has been received by the district to finance the hospital which is already operating. “This hospital has been built using a force account and so far 2.4bn/- has been spent,” said Kanyondwi while revealing that there is a deficit of 200m/- to complete the project.