DRC to review visas procedure for local truck drivers

07Sep 2016
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DRC to review visas procedure for local truck drivers

IN a bid to address delays in transportation of cargo and movement of traders between Dar es Salaam and Kinshasa, the government of Democratic Republic of Congo has promised to review its visa procedures.

CCTTFA Chief Operating Officer, Sayiba Tambwe Patient, CCTTFA Executive Secretary, Capt Dieudonne Dukundane, DRC Immigration Director General, François Beya, DRC Ambassador to Tanzania, Jean Pierre Mutamba and DRC Immigration Deputy DG, Jean Claude

Local cargo truck drivers plying the route have been subjected to cumbersome visa procedures to enter DRC delaying movement of both goods and people. The DRC is the second largest user of Dar es Salaam port after the host nation.

At a meeting held yesterday in Kinshasa between Central Corridor Transit Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA) delegation led by Executive Secretary, Captain Dieudonné Dukundane, DRC’s Director of Immigration, Francois Kasonga promised to look into the problem saying concerns raised by Tanzanian truck drivers will swiftly be addressed.

In a statement, the CCTTFA said the meeting was part of implementation of the TTFA Inter-Ministerial Council of Ministers’ directive last August to follow up on solving the visa issue with authorities in DRC.

“The main issue was the disparity on costs of the visa, depending on which border Tanzanians were entering DRC. Now DRC has directed all immigration officials to solve this problem affecting Tanzanians,” the statement added.

The meeting which was facilitated by CCTTFA secretariat was also attended by DR Congo Ambassador to Tanzania, Jean Mutamba and other DRC senior officials. “At the end of the meeting it was agreed that parties should conduct a joint field visit as soon as possible and resolve the matter once and for all,” the released noted.

CCTTFA Executive Secretary Capt. Dukundane commended the high level engagement and commitment from the DRC government and promised to facilitate the filed tour by early next month to check how immigration officers are handling the directive.

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