EA manufacturers losing out to counterfeits

22May 2019
Francis Kajubi
The Guardian
EA manufacturers losing out to counterfeits

Manufacturers in East African Community members have lost at least 40 percent of the market to counterfeit goods which are mostly imported from the rest of the globe.

Kenya Anti -Counterfeit Agency’s Chairpersons, Flora Mutahi.


Speaking in Dar es Salaam during their joint meeting, Kenya Anti -Counterfeit Agency (ACA) and the country’s Fair Competition Commission Chairpersons, Flora Mutahi and Professor Humphrey Moshi said they have launched a crackdown against the copycats which deny governments revenue, endanger consumers and threaten growth of industries in the region.

The ACA delegation’s head called upon strengthening cross-border collaboration between the two countries and other EAC members because counterfeits don’t respect borders. ACA’s Mutahi said collaboration among nations is the only weapon that can realize a successful fight against counterfeits in the EAC region.

“Counterfeiting is a global problem, counterfeits produced globally in 2013 were worth U$1.3billion and the figure is projected to hit U$2.8billion by 2025. So, this is a menace we can’t watch grow,” Mutahi said.

“We actually have a joint strategy to stop counterfeits coming in with special inspection conducted from where they are loaded. We are protecting our industries that will lead to protection of jobs, innovation and attraction of foreign direct investment by creating a fair play ground in the market” Mutahi added.

In his welcoming remarks of the Kenyan delegation, Prof Moshi said that fair competition should prevail in the EA region by ensuring that counterfeits are denied entry or being manufactured locally. He said it is very crucial to check against copycats to protect consumers most of whom have no knowledge in counterfeits present in the market.

“We have met to speed up sharing of information by identifying and coming up with new mechanisms to fight against this problem. Our mission is to fully stop counterfeits entering the two countries through formal and informal border points,” Prof Moshi noted.

During its five days working visit in the country, the delegation will also visit Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and Confederation of Tanzania Industries.