EACA appoints Dr Mduma commissioner

14Jun 2019
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EACA appoints Dr Mduma commissioner

TANZANIA’S Fair Competition Commission (FCC) director general, Dr John Mduma has been appointed Commissioner for the East African Competition Authority (EACA).

Dr John Mduma

A press statement from the EAC stated that the swearing in ceremony was conducted by the Counsel of the Community, Dr. Anthony Kafumbe during the recent EACA meeting in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking on behalf of the Secretary General, Amb Liberat Mfumukeko, the Counsel to the Community, Dr. Kafumbe commended the Commissioners for their commitment to the EAC competition agenda and noted that their work is critical in regulating mergers and acquisitions, and handling issues of market dominance and protection of consumer welfare in the Community.

He recalled that section 42 of the Competition Act gives the Competition Authority power to among others, investigate and compel evidence, hold hearings and issue binding decisions.

“Given such a broad mandate, the work of the Commissioners is in many respects confidential and sensitive. Accordingly, it requires a high degree of impartiality, independence and integrity”, he asserted.

He congratulated Dr Mduma on his appointment as the Commissioner of the 38th extra-ordinary meeting of the Council held in January, 2019, and said that it was a requirement of the Community Law that before a Commissioner commences duties, he or she must take an Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Secrecy.

The chairperson of the Commissioners, Dr Didas Kayihura highlighted some of the milestones so far recorded that include, among others, preparing proposals to amend the EAC Competition Act; the preparation of the Authority's first Strategic Plan 2019/2020 – 2023/2024 and the implementation of the some of the activities in the strategic plan.

Dr Kayihura further noted that the EAC Competition Law was intended to facilitate trade within the EAC region by regulating anti-competitive conduct by firms as a result of intensified regional integration.

He noted that the Authority's mandate will be better executed where all partner states have functional competition agencies.

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