Edible oil manufacturer basks in new consumer found confidence

15Feb 2017
The Guardian Reporter
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Edible oil manufacturer basks in new consumer found confidence

SUNBELT’s Sunflower cooling oil is increasingly becoming popular among local consumers as the locally manufactured edible is becoming popular.

Sunbelt’s Chief Executive Officer, Leo Lee said the firm has seen a significant improvement of its sales volumes in recent days thanks to local consumers who are going for quality and standard of their brand.

Lee said with time, local consumers’ preference of foreign imports has been waning as people realize that the best and quality products are made by domestic manufacturers.

“We created the awareness we needed, we are happy that people in the country are now appreciating and buying locally made products, we hope this will continue and improve in the coming years” he said.

He said Sunbelt’s Sunflower cooking oil, like many other locally made brands, adheres to quality standards hence qualified for certification by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) while the majority of imported brands are not.

“Some imported edible oil especially, shows that its made from genetically modified seeds and without vitamin A and D while some brands put sunflower pictures while they are 95 percent Soya bean and Palm Oil,” he said.

The Sunshine CEO further commented on an ongoing Tanzania Private Sector Foundation dubbed, ‘Be Proud, Buy Tanzanian’ as timely saying it has come at a time when many local companies are producing high quality products.

Lee said his company also produces Sunshine Cashew nut, Sunshine Gypsum Board and Sunshine High Technology Card, among other products.

“We at Sunshine Group Ltd also produce products of high quality standards which include high technology cards including for ATM, Sim cards, Chip cards and Dual Interface Cards,” the CEO stressed.

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