Egyptian firm to set up plastic net factory

01Jun 2016
Prosper Makene
Guardian On Sunday
Egyptian firm to set up plastic net factory

EGYPT’S leading manufacturer of plastic nets, Al-Amir Shade Nets plans to open a factory in the country to utilize the local market opportunities as a member of both the East African Community (EAC) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) blocs.

Plastic materials

Speaking in an interview shortly after the launch of the international exhibition for plastics, rubber, petrochemical and building aterials for Egyptian manufacturers held in Dar es Salaam last weekend, the company’s Executive Manager, Gamal Gad said his firm will first introduce its products in the local market before opening up the factory.

“At first, we are going to promote our products before going to the second stage of establishing the factory. We have seen the Tanzanian market is huge and attractive, therefore we wish to bring our products to this market,” Gad said.

He pointed out that his firm is producing plastic nets such as shading nets, protection nets, safety nets and Gad underscored that shading nets play an important role in greenhouses as they help maximize productivity and increase exportation.

“We have a good reputation with farmers hence clientele is growing day by day due to the quality, competitive price and credibility of our products,” he said.

He said there is a big difference in yields and quality for vegetables and fruits grown in open air and those in greenhouse shading with nets. “While an acre of tomato produces 40 tonnes in exposed agriculture, the same produces 150 tonnes in a greenhouse.

Also an acre of cucumber just produces 8 tonnes in exposed agriculture, while the same produces 90 tonnes in a greenhouse,” he argued.

Mahmoud Abouelhamd, Managing Director of African Hope Limited, another Egyptian firm which operates in East Africa, said: “I have been in the regional market espe-
cially in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya for quite some time now, and I have seen that the EAC market is huge and strong, therefore I wish to urge fellow Egyptians to come and utilize this important market.”

Other Egyptian firms which participated in the fare include: Ceramica Innova, Technical Chemical Laboratories (TCL), Al Omaraa Group, Talab, New Mena Pla

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