EPZA connects farmers to industries for raw materials

13Jul 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
EPZA connects farmers to industries for raw materials

Thousands of smallholder farmers in the country have been linked to manufacturing industries to supply them with raw materials hence enabling them to have a reliable market for their produce.

EPZA’s director general, Joseph Simbakalia.

Export and Processing Zones Authority’s Investment Promotion Manager, Grace Lemunge said at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair being held at Mwalimu Nyerere grounds in Dar es Salaam yesterday that EPZA has been linking the farmers to supply raw materials to industries operating under the authority countrywide.

“Most visitors to our pavilion have been seeking information on how they can benefit from the various incentives provided under the authority,” Lemunge said adding that the 44th DITF was an important opportunity to link farmers and other entrepreneurs to reliable markets particularly industries.

“For example, EPZA used this year’s trade fair to link farmers and other potential producers of avocadoes from different parts of the country to a new industry in Arusha,” she added while stating that the authority has been working closely with agro-industries particularly pigeon peas producers who export the commodity to India and other Asian markets.

She further noted that the EPZA has also linked sesame seeds processors who export the product abroad to farmers who cultivate the beans.

The EPZA Investment Promotion Manager said further a total of 16 industries under the authority’s jurisdiction are participating at the international trade fair to provide information to the public for potential collaboration.

Lemunge named some of the industries as the U$ 5 million (11.5bn/-) DZ Cards Africa Limited investment which is based at Benjamin William Mkapa Special Economic Zones in Dar es Salaam. Offering a full range of products and services, DZ Card produces cards for Europay , MasterCard and Visa card. The high tech factory will employ over 400 people when it becomes fully operational.

The other factory is Tanzania Tooku Garments Company Limited that manufactures apparel targeting the US market. It employs over 3000 people.

“This year’s trade fair was an important opportunity to provide information to the public over the Kurasini Logistic Centre which is temporarily fenced while the process of building durable brick-wall is under way,” she added.

The logistic centre is aimed at establishing international tea and coffee auction floors in order to capitalise on the immense potential of the two commodities globally. “Currently our tea is being sold through Mombasa Auction floors and rebranded before being sold to global markets,” she said noted.