Excitement as Magomeni quarters residents given free tenancy

09Sep 2016
Francis Kajubi
The Guardian
Excitement as Magomeni quarters residents given free tenancy

RESIDENTS of a demolished Magomeni Quarters in Dar es Salaam who gave way for the construction of modern apartments over three years ago are happy with President John Magufuli’s directive that they will stay without paying rent for five years.

“We say thank you very much to President Magufuli for the decision which has relieved many of us who have suffered for many years since being evicted,” said Aisha Bakari, a mother of five.

She said her family has been struggling to pay rent for a two bedroom house at Kimara after the eviction. “God should bless our president, we never expected this generosity,” an excited Bakari said soon after President Magufuli announced the offer.

82-year-old Mzee Jumbe Ali also heaped praises on the president saying it explains why he is man of the poor. “This is a president for the majority poor, God bless him,” the old man said raising his hands in the air.

He said he has been struggling to find a permanent decent place to live since being evicted over three years ago.

President Magufuli who visited the area earlier this week, announced that all the 644 residents of Magomeni quarters will live for free for five years once new high rise apartments are completed in a year’s time.

Addressing the residents, who were evicted and their houses demolished in 2012, Dr Magufuli said they deserve free tenancy after suffering for many years.

“I would like to assure you that construction of the modern homes will begin in two months’ time from now and since you have been living in rented houses for the past five years, you shall not pay rent for the next five years,” he said.

“Many stories have been told since 2012, I heard them myself as well, but as we speak there aren’t any signs of construction of homes and instead this area has been turned into a parking space for vehicles,” the president noted.

“Frankly speaking this area was planned to be sold to an investor that’s why construction had been delayed for some time, but I assure you today that you will never suffer again,” he promised.

President Magufuli also said that he wished that construction of the modern houses will be completed in 12 months so the victims can immediately move in.

The head of state noted that the government will decide in due time who will carry out the construction work between Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) and National Housing Cooperation (NHC).

The president also hinted that he had decided to put over 5,000 hectors of land from municipal and district councils in the country under his office to deter the affluent grabbing the same.

Minister of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, William Lukuvi said that his ministry has identified 600 plots for compensation in Dar es Salaam whose residents have been victims of double allocation of plots.

Speaking at the same event, Kinondoni District Commissioner Ali Hapi said that problems associated with land disputes have been dealt with thoroughly.

“There were 592 land disputes in Kinondoni when I took office but I have managed to resolve 368 cases so far,” said Hapi.

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