Expansion Tanga port raises new hopes of shipping companies -agents

11Jan 2020
The Guardian
Expansion Tanga port raises new hopes of shipping companies -agents

TRADERS and shipping agents have hailed the progress of the rehabilitation and expansion work of Tanga port, saying that once completed will enable the port handle large ships, save time and ultimately double government revenue collections.

The port is now under expansion to increase berths and its depth from the current 3.5 metres to 15 metres. Dredging will increase the port’s handling capacity to one million tonnes per year.

A statement from Sturrock Grindrod Maritime, one of the largest shipping and logistics companies states that the expansion of the port has raised new hopes of shipping companies to use the port.

Vitalis Mokiwa, Sturrock Grindrod Maritime supervisor for Tanga region said that the company is well prepared to utilize the opportunity by increasing the number of ships.

“Once completed, the port will bring a number of opportunities because more ships will be docking here…the expansion of berths is also another new services which we are going to experience here as it will simplify and reduce time of serving the ships,” he noted.

Mokiwa noted that most of shipping companies usually like to send their ships in places with efficient services avoiding spending much time and levies.

According to him, time management is very important especially for traders, so with Tanga port providing its series timely will at large point attract more ships to dock thus improving the county’s income.

He further noted that port remains key economic gate with the major improvements continued to be done will enable it contribute well in the country’s development.

Tanga port has also been earmarked for Ugandan petroleum product importers and other cargo going to Kampala through Tanzania.

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