Firm advocating macadamia nuts cultivation in Kilimanjaro

25Jan 2021
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Firm advocating macadamia nuts cultivation in Kilimanjaro

IN a bid to help local farmers adopt macadamia cultivation, Macjaro Limited of Kilimanjaro has started distributing 1,200 hybrid seedlings at affordable prices.

Macjaro Limited’s director, James Powell briefing Mwanga District Commissioner, Thomas Apson (R) on hybrid macadamia nuts seedlings being sold to smallholder farmers in the district at a ceremony held at the company’s premises on Friday. Photo courtesy of Macjaro. Limited.

In a statement on Friday, Macjaro spokesman, Austin Makani said the company which has invested U$1.2 million (over 2.7bn/-) in 160 acres farm, will release another batch of 1,800 seedlings by March this year.

“The first distribution of 2,000 seedlings was done in November last year, all being part of the preordered 5,000 seedlings from the company. The seedlings are made available to Mwanga district farmers at a discounted rate of 1,500/- each compared to a market price of 7,000/- per seedling,” said Makani.

Makani said the company has plans to distribute the seedlings to more districts of the country where the nuts can grow as the global market for the commodity improves. He said the crop is environmentally friendly and sustainable hence allows for biodiversity as it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere hence mitigating climatic changes causes.

Makani further stated that apart from exploiting the global market, macadamia nuts husks can be used as a source of compost manure but also animal feed while protecting soil erosion.

“The cost of cultivating the crop is very small thus affordable to many smallholder farmers. The nuts will help the country earn foreign currency if farmers adopt and produce in large quantities for exports,” he added.

Makani was backed by the company Director, James Powell who said he is determined to improve the smallholder grower scheme which is benefiting local farmers of the crop which when ready his company purchases at premium prices.

“Our company also offers capacity building to smallholder farmers through training so that they are able to produce efficiently through organic farming and maximize their profits,” Powell said. He urged farmers to adopt organic farming instead of conventional farming because it returns are more on

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