Former BP Tanzania employees available for consultancy

20Nov 2017
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
Former BP Tanzania employees available for consultancy

FORMER employees of BP Tanzania Limited which has since changed to Puma Tanzania Limited have said they are readily available to the country’s petro- leum industry for consultancy work.

Speaking during a family day organized by the for- mer employees in Dar es Salaam during the weekend, Managing Director, Maregesi Manyama said they can provide consultancy on investing in pump stations, train fuel attendants and distributors but also storage and distribution of petroleum products.

Manyama who is also Chairman of the BP Tanzania ex-employees further noted that they can also pro- vide consultancy to the oil and gas industry.

“We are ready to work with them after discovered that there is shortage of quali ed people in the oil and gas industry speci cally in construction of fuel lling stations that meet legal requirements,” he said.

He pointed out that the group has amassed years of experience in the industry hence can provide reliable expertise to stakeholders investing in the area.

“We are ready to provide training for fuel distribu- tors in terms of fuel handling, distribution and stor- age, road safety and customer care because BP Tanzania was involved in almost every area of the fuel industry,” he noted. The ex-employees group has 128 members who have a diversi ed background and quali cations. The group’s Treasurer, John Semizigi said their expertise is readily available to the petro- leum industry as they are knowledgeable with the pe- troleum industry’s every aspect.

“We have been trained on safety, security, environ- ment, oil handling and distribution, to name a few of our disciplines,” Semizigi noted. Most of the employ- ees were retrenched after Puma take over in 2012 when the company bought BP’s stake.

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