Geita entrepreneurs told to make the most of available resources

07Sep 2016
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Geita entrepreneurs told to make the most of available resources

SMALL scale entrepreneurs in Geita district have been urged to use available resources in their areas and come up with business ideas that will transform their lives and tame poverty.

Head of SME at Financial Sector Deeping Trust, Peter Kingu addressing participants of training on entrepreneurship organized by Tanzania Private Sector Foundation held in Geita last week end

Geita District Administrative Secretary, Thomas Dimme, said recently at the launch of a special training session for entrepreneurs organized by Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), that capacity building is an important aspect of empowering people owning small businesses.

Dimme said the government has opened the door for supporting small entrepreneurs and urged them to use resources and opportunities within their area to come up with business ideas to address their economic needs. He also told them that to be successful in their businesses they need to operate within the legal framework.

“I congratulate TPSF for making possible this training for entrepreneurs from grass root level, from regional to district. These kinds of training will definitely transform the way they are doing business,” he said.

The training manager from TPSF Celestine Mkama, said the program targets to build the capacity of small entrepreneurs and expose them in various opportunities to use so as to expand their businesses portfolios.

“This training program aims at building small entrepreneurs capacity on how to do business professionally and face associated challenges. Studies show that the majority of small business owners do not have necessary skills needed in running them and that what pushed us to come up with this idea,” he said.

Mkama noted that some of the issues that were addressed by the training program included record keeping in business, discipline in money spending and how to plan a business project.
Speaking on behalf of other beneficiaries Elizabeth Bigambo expressed her appreciation to TPSF for providing the training.

“We are confident that this training will assist us in expanding our businesses and expect to earn more and contribute more to national development through paying various taxes,” she said.

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