Geita entrepreneurs vow to be ambassadors in standards promotion

25Jan 2020
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Geita entrepreneurs vow to be ambassadors in standards promotion

ENTREPRENEURS in Geita District, have pledged to be ambassadors in promoting standards after attended sensitization campaign which ended yesterday.

Geita entrepreneurs’ gathered at Geita Municipal council’s office after receiving entrepreneurship trainings. File photo.

The two days campaign was conducted by officials from Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

Speaking an entrepreneur identified as Samson Malando, said the sensitization campaign on standards plays a crucial role for their development.

He said most of SMEs do not understand how to get services or obtain mark of quality issued by TBS.

“Today we are born again, we thank people from the Standard Watchdog for the sensitization campaign ... we pledge to be ambassadors and deliver the message to our friends who did not attend”, he said.

They thanked the management of TBS for conducting the campaign within their area pledging to start applies for mark of quality.

Some of SMEs who took part during the campaign which was held at Katoro town are processors, distributors, sellers of food and cosmetics products.

For his part, the TBS Acting Director of Quality Management Hamis Sudi said that they sensitized SMEs on how to obtain quality mark.

He said the organization certifies products of entrepreneurs free of charge for three years and all costs are taken by the government

He said the main objective is to help them expand market of their products and remove trade barriers.

“TBS recognize that once your products are certified you can produce sustainably for any market without restrictions,” he said.

He asked them to use the opportunity and channel their application through the Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO).

“TBS as enabling institution provides free certification services for SMEs in order to support industrial drive, it is much better for them to do so in order to avoid unnecessary problems,” he said

He said at the moment the organization has committed to make sure that SMES do not conduct their business as usual instead do according to the law, procedures and regulations including registering their undertakings .

Sudi said the bureau has started to train and educate entrepreneurs after realizing some challenges they were facing.

According to him, more than 79 SMEs have attended in the training that was opened by Geita District Commissioner Josephat Maganga

Apart from SMEs, others who took part in event were Geita district business officers, health officer and community development officers.

Similar training will be conducted later this month to SMEs in Bariadi, Kagama, Shinyanga and Simiyu districts.

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