Government invites investors on smart, green technology

23Sep 2022
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Government invites investors on smart, green technology

THE government has said smart and green innovative technologies are inevitable to realize its National Development Vision 2025 goal, as it now invites investors to come and explore vast opportunities in the agriculture value chain and other sectors.

Deputy Minister Industry, Trade and Investment Exaud Kigahe.

Inaugurating the 23rd East African International Trade Exhibition 2022 that kicked-off yesterday in Dar es Salaam, Deputy Minister Industry, Trade and Investment Exaud Kigahe (pictured) said that for the country to tackle current and future climate change threats, the government is encouraging smart technologies that favour the use of clean energy.

The minister shared the government’s clean energy perspective as he was addressing over 90 foreign firms most from India and the United Kingdom who are in Dar es Salaam for three days to showcase technologies and machineries for the agriculture sector, mining, manufacturing, transport, construction and auto mechanic sectors.

“Tanzania needs the infrastructure that is environmentally friendly. We encourage both existing investors and those who wish to come to Tanzania to focus on investing into smart climate technologies and invent machines that are not only affordable, but those that rely on clean energy for operations,” said Kigahe.

Kigahe called upon the firms to establish close ties with the Tanzanian private sector through sharing experiences, technologies and entering agreements that will lead to growth of local companies to the regional and global levels.

Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) Director General Charles Itembe welcomed the over 90 companies to come and establish factories of the same products that they have come to exhibit as Tanzania is the gateway to the East African countries where they can find a large market far from the local market.

Itembe said at EPZA there are a number of incentives that are subject to investors who are coming to produce for exports.  

“We have incentives for investors who come to invest for exports through special economic zones (SEZ). Some of these privileges that they can enjoy is the 10-year term corporate tax exemption. However, we have an import duty exemption on imported capital goods for investors entering the country through EPZA, ZIPA and TIC,” said Itembe.

He asserted that the authority is rich in land of up to 100 acres that investors may need to establish a special economic zone. According to him, the authority owns plenty of land in Bagamoyo special economic zone, Kwala, Nala, Ruvuma and Ruvuma special economic zones.

However, the authority has land at the Mtwara Free Port Zone, Bunda special economic zone and Kigoma special economic zone for blue economy investors.

Replying to Kigahe’s appeal on technologies, Engineering Export Products Council of India (EEPC) Chairman Mahesh Desai said the council has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) targeting at transferring and adopting Indian engineering innovative technologies into Tanzania’s market.

He said EEPC is specialized in new technologies that can help SMEs, young graduates and peasants to afford low-cost machinery for production. Operating through different platforms such as the Indian Engineering Exhibition (INDEE), EEPC is coordinating INDEE in Dar es Salaam for the first time to showcase technologies and machineries at the 23rd East African International Trade Exhibition.

He said the INDEE in Dar es Salaam is not only about selling machinery but strengthening relationships between Indian firms, Tanzania institutions and technology innovators and the EEPC itself.

“We want to share our experience in technology with Tanzania. EEPC has more than 10,000 members that Tanzanian firms can choose to work with in the engineering sector. TCCIA and India go back to a mutual relationship,” said Desai.

He said that the MoU with TCCIA has set a proper approach to expedite and carry forward the businesses and agreements that will emanate from the INDEE and ensure there is smooth take off.

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