Govt calls for amendments to agricultural training curricula

04Jul 2020
The Guardian
Govt calls for amendments to agricultural training curricula

​​​​​​​Agriculture Ministry Permanent Secretary Gerard Kusaya has directed heads of agricultural training colleges in the country to make amendments on six curricula and increase practical trainings to give students more experience.

Kusaya gave the directives yesterday at a joint meeting with the heads of the training colleges that discussed how to improve training to extension officers who graduate from the colleges.

He said the curricula being used now appear to be outdated as it has been discovered that some extension officers fail to become accountable to small farmers due to lack of adequate experience.

“Agricultural training colleges are supposed to provide the students and graduates more practical knowledge than theory, students are supposed to go for one year practical training to enable them serve farmers better,” he said.

He said the curricula that need to be amended include that for irrigation, food processing and nutrition, better soil use, horticulture, farming implements and seedlings production.

He said such amendments are to be quickly effected to be in use starting September this year to assist graduates to go in tandem with the job market needs.

Janeth Maro, the Director of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) – a non Governmental Organisation (NGO) said in recognition of the curricula improvement, her organisation has started capacity building for the students in the agricultural training colleges.

She said this will ensure production of better, experienced extension officers from the colleges.

Meanwhile, the heads of the colleges said the process for the improvement of the curricula involves all stakeholders in the value chain on agricultural crops hence it will take time to be completed.