Govt to invest heavily in facilitating value addition of avocados

30Jun 2022
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Govt to invest heavily in facilitating value addition of avocados

THE government has reaffirmed its determination to invest heavily in robust strategies on facilitating farming and value addition of avocados so as to fight harvest loss and increase productivity, the House heard yesterday.

Deputy Minister for Investment, Industries and Trade Exaud Kigahe made the statement in the Parliament yesterday when responding to a supplementary question posed by Kilolo MP, Justin Nyamoga.

In his question, Nyamoga sought to know the government’s plans on the construction of more avocado processing factories so as to fight harvest loss as many avocados have been ending up rotting.

The deputy minister acknowledged that avocado is among the crops given priority by the government considering its benefits in the environment, health and economy.

He said the government will implement measures including producing quality seedlings, promoting mass production, construction of factories and storage facilities and has started encouraging the construction of various factories in Iringa, Njombe and Mbeya.

“Strategies put in place also include setting aside enough and productive areas in each district across the country to facilitate establishment of the factories, creating a conducive environment for investors as well as ensuring that raw materials are easily available,” he said.

In her basic question, Momba MP Condester Sichwale queried on the government’s plan to attract investors on fruit farming within the Momba River Basin.

Responding, the deputy minister said the government was implementing investment initiatives which include promoting fruit farming in the country through preparing national and regional investment guidelines, organizing investment conferences as well as furnishing investors and the public with investment opportunities through the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) website.

He said Investors who will come to invest in the agricultural sector as a result of these plans and strategies, will also be directed to the Momba River Basin for fruit farming.

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