Govt set to increase land for irrigation

06Aug 2018
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Govt set to increase land for irrigation

THE government is set to increase land for irrigation from 461,326 hectares of land in 2014 to 1,000,000ha by 2025 in efforts to refrain from rain-fed agriculture.

land for irrigation

Irrigation engineer for the Lake zone, Ebenezer Kombe revealed this yesterday when speaking at the Nyakabindi grounds, in Bariadi town during the ongoing NaneNane exhibitions. He was addressing citizens who visited the National Irrigation Commission pavilion.

Eng Kombe noted that to achieve the goal, the government plans to work with the private sector in construction of irrigation schemes, dams and drainage systems in draught areas.

He said farmers through their region irrigation associations will be required to contribute in construction of the drainage systems that will go directly to the farms. They will also be responsible for caring and protecting the drainages, he said.

“We have been imparting farmers with various agricultural skills. We also insist them to cultivate at least two times a year by using modern agricultural technologies,” he said adding that some farmers have started to apply the methods in cultivation of paddy through—system of rice intensification (SRI).

According to Eng Kombe the government is working to complete construction of schemes in order to support small scale farmers. He said that once completed, the schemes will enable farmers to produce enough for food and doing businesses.

He said that rain water harvesting will also be enhanced as plans to construct dams are underway.

National Irrigation Commission’s agriculture officer, Petro Sarwat insisted on farmers to consider professional advices in practicing irrigation cultivation.

“We had a number of irrigation schemes in the past years, but most of them are not functioning due to improper handling. Most schemes lasted for few years after completion,” said Sarwat.

The country is likely to be food sufficient through irrigation farming. Improvements in the agriculture sector will help the government to achieve its industrialisation goal since most of the raw materials will be produced locally.

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