Govt simplifies issuance of work permits to attract more investments

17Mar 2020
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt simplifies issuance of work permits to attract more investments

THE government has assured investors and development stakeholders of improved business environment insisting end of bureaucracy and simplified procedures in acquiring work permits.

“We are aware of the contribution of development partners and investors in fostering economic development in Tanzania. You only need to make official communication with the particular ministries through which your areas of investment fall upon,” said Revelian Ngaiza, coordinator, national strategy for youth involvement in agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Ngaiza made the statement over the weekend in Dar es Salaam when speaking at a function to close the UNITERA project which was implemented in the country by World University Service of Canada (WUSC).

The organization handed over office furniture and other tools to beneficiaries of the project as per the condition of the project contract.

He noted that applicants can now process their application online through e-Government services.

“We are so sad that one of our development partner—WUSC that worked to empower local NGOs in the country for the past five years is today closing down their activities. We kindly ask you to reinstate the services to continue supporting Tanzanians in an effort to stimulate sectoral development,” he said.

WUSC was implementing the UNITERA project with focus on supporting and empowering private and public institution through capacity building to enhance delivery to the public.

WUSC Country Director, Manu Mwaipopo said the project was focused on providing skills to institutions in the aspects of financial, strategic and human resources management. She said beneficiaries also were provided with skills in the area of tourism and agriculture.

She said the initiative was working together with over 20 institutions across the country including government based, NGOs and private sector by empowering them to reach youth and women.

Some of the institutions include the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC), National Network of Small-Scale Farmers Groups in Tanzania (MVIWATA) and Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO).

She added for the past five years, the project has recorded significant achievement whereby the number of women involved in various economic activities rose by 34 percent.

According to Mawipopo some of the reasons that contributed into closure of the project were difficulties in obtaining work permits.

Executive Director for SUGECO, Revocatus Kimario commended the exemplary support from UNITERA project especially in areas of developing media and training of staffs.

"We highly appreciate the support we received, apart from training to our staffs, we received experts who worked to mobilise funds to improve houses for accommodating young mothers,” explained Kimario noting they also received funds to donate desks to different schools.

He however called on the government to further simplify work permit application procedures to allow more investors and development partners to contribute into country’s economic development.