Govt supplies passenger and ambulance boats for Lindi and Kilwa

30Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Govt supplies passenger and ambulance boats for Lindi and Kilwa

THE government, through its agency—Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) has given relief to Lindi and Kilwa Kisiwani residents after it has supplied them with two new boats, a passenger vessel and an ambulance boat.

The two vessels, MV Lindi that will be carrying passengers between Lindi and Kitunda, and MV Lukila, an ambulance boat to carter for Kilwa Kisiwani area were built by a local firm – Mwanza based Songoro Marine Transport Boatyard in regard to the passenger vessel, and Dar es Salaam based Sam & Anzai Boat Builders Co. Ltd

The boats were handed over here yesterday at a brief event attended by Lindi regional commissioner, Zainab Tellack as official guest.

The RC said the two vessels will improve health services at Kilwa Kisiwani and Lindi-Kitunda passenger services as well as other nearby areas.

“I am pleased to hear that the two boats were procured via government budget at a cost of 99.7m/- for the passenger boat and 217.6m/- for the ambulance boat,” she said, praising both the government and its agency, TEMESA.

“The ambulance boat will be handed over to Kilwa District Council authorities to serve residents Kilwa Kisiwani residents, while TEMESA will be involved in its maintenance, repairs and as needed,” she said.

Earlier, TEMESA Chief Executive officer Eng Japhet Maselle, said the ambulance boat can carry 12 people at a time, it also has a patients’ dressing room and a place for nurses.

She added that the boat also has special equipment for medical rescue including oxygen cylinders, ventilators, humidifiers and masks, head immobilizer, stethoscopes for both adults and children, portable suction unit and a stretcher.

He said in regard to the passenger boat, it has one ton carrying capacity to transport 25 passengers at a time.

“It is 10m long and 2,5m wide, fixed with two outboard SUZUKI engines of 30HP each. It can cruise at 12 knots,” said Maselle.

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