Govt urged to provide lodgings for green tech

01Jul 2016
Ndeninsia Lisley
The Guardian
Govt urged to provide lodgings for green tech

THE government has been urged to amend the Buildings Control Acts 1990 and 2007 so as to compel contactors to adopt green building technology system.

Ipyana Moses

Speaking during a workshop on green building technology in Dar es Salaam recently, Tanzania Green Buildings Council (TGBC) executive officer Ipyana Moses said there is a need for the government to embark on green building technology.

Moses said the government should set up building codes to be followed by contactors and engineers in designing and constructing buildings by employing green building system.

“Green building has many benefits due to global warming. These include reducing building operational costs such as water and electricity, saving environment and conserve resources. Hence the government should see how it can set up a building code to guide construction by considering this technology,” he noted.

He added that the government together with other institutions must allow and train their construction experts in green building technology as well as on how to retrofit the constructed ones.

“Through employment of this construction mode it will help to reduce power costs in building by at least 20 per cent as buildings will be constructed with materials which will easily allow more light to penetrate in,” the Executive Officer noted.

Elaborating, Moses said that the workshop was aimed at sensitising construction stakeholders to adopt green building energy system.

He added that the council has been educating and creating awareness on green building technology to make people realise its essence and adopt the same.

Mechanical and Electrical Director of Inter-Consult Limited Menye Manga who was among the workshop participants, said ventilation must be effectively considered in green building technology.

Manga noted that about 60 to 80 per cent of electricity costs in buildings is due to air conditioning system (ACs), adding that people must now look for a way to save energy through building materials.

According to him, energy must be used in a good way to reduce global warming.

“By adopting green building technology and best material selection, there will be no additional short time costs as well as reducing operational costs in building,” he noted.

He mentioned low awareness as a major challenge hindering the public to adopt the technology.

Among other things, green building technology uses environmentally friendly construction material such as a plot that is already allocated for building, systems and equipment used are thoroughly researched to ensure that they consume minimal energy and a refuse chute for recyclable waste while plants on site are selected to use less water.

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