Halotel connects over 4k villages, surpasses target by over 30pc in fi

16Oct 2020
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Halotel connects over 4k villages, surpasses target by over 30pc in fi

A record 4,000 villages in the country have been connected to mobile communications in the past five years by Halotel Tanzania Limited which surpassed its target of connecting 3,000 villages.

Halotel which was contracted by the government to extend telecommunication services to marginalised rural areas of the country in 2015, surpassed its target by more than 33 percent as the Viettel Group’s local subsidiary clocks five years of operations.

“The achievements were largely made possible by cooperation that we got from the government which maintained a friendly investment environment for businesses to strive,” said Halotel’s Deputy Managing Director, Nguyen van Trung.

Van Trung stated that local customers played a key role as backed by a largely tech savvy Tanzanian workforce dominated by young people. He said the Dar es Salaam based telecommunications company which according to a recent Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority’s report remain one of the fastest growing in the market, grew its subscriber base to more than six million by June this year.

‘’As far as service delivery is concerned, Halotel has been growing sustainably since starting operations in the country,” the Halotel Deputy DM noted adding that apart from its commercial activities, the telco has also connected public schools to internet services as part of its corporate social responsibility.

“In the same vein, we have been able to rollout our fibre communication infrastructure to many government offices starting from district level at police stations and post offices throughout the country,” van Trung added while pointing out that over 2.3 million HaloPesa subscribers had also been recruited during the period.

“Today we happy to announce that Halotel has handed over managerial positions to Tanzanians in all departments at the headquarter offices and branches in the country which is a tremendous achievement in a few year time,” he stated.

In marking the 5th anniversary, Halotel has launched two special offers which will enable customers to enjoy communication at massive discount through a promotion dubbled ‘Double bundle’ and ‘Free on net calls.’

“We would like to thank our customers for choosing Halotel network for all these five years of operation and therefore today we are launching the special offers as an award to loyal customers,” the Deputy MD explained.

With double bundle special offer, customers will get double for daily voice and data packages throughout the day for the period 15 to 31 October.