Hanang DC urges public schools to make better use of NMB desks

17Feb 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Hanang DC urges public schools to make better use of NMB desks

DESKS, tables and chairs donated by NMB Bank Plc to public schools in Hanang District of Manyara Region should be utilised well so that they can last longer but also help to improve students’ performance.

NMB Bank Plc’s central zone manager, Nsolo Mlozi (L) handing over a table to Hanang district commissioner, Ghibu Ringo while the district’s council chairperson, Rose Kamili looks on during a ceremony held earlier this week. Photo courtesy of NMB.

Hanang District Commissioner, Ghibu Ringo said  earlier this week after receiving 50 tables and chairs donated by the bank to Getwana Secondary School in the district that better management of the furniture will make it last longer hence benefit more students.

“If you invest in your child by providing them with all necessary items to attend classes, then every parent expects better yields in terms of results,” said Ringo who paid tribute to NMB for the continued investment being made in the country’s education sector.

He pointed out that as parents, they expect to see better performance of the schools which have received the bank’s material support because the learning environment has been improved a lot. “So to students and teachers of this school and other which have received NMB support, I expect to see better results,” he hinted.

Ringo said the bank’s support supplements investment made by the government hence there is no reason for such schools to continue performing poorly. “It’s impossible for schools which have received NMB material support to continue performing poorly, “ the Hanang DC alerted while daring school committees and administrators to also improve their supervision and teaching of the students.

Ringo’s arguments were seconded by Hanang District Executive Director, Solomon Shati who said most of the district’s 35 public secondary schools, have received some sort of investment from the state and NMB this year.

Shati said the district which has only one private secondary school, has had mixed results in national examinations hence expressed optimism that the NMB donation will help improve performance. “We expect nothing short of better performance from these schools in national examinations,” he noted.

Hanang District Council Chairperson, Rose Kamili also supported her peers by emphasising that parents have a role to play also in the performance of their children. “We thank NMB because their support benefits the majority low income group of people whose children attend these public schools,” Kamili said.

In remarks after handing over the donation, the bank’s Central Zone Manager, Nsolo Mlozi said the tables and chairs worth 5m/- are aimed at improving the public school learning environment. “Our bank allocates one percent of its profit annually to invest in social services including education, health and relief aid in case of disasters,” Mlozi said. Last year, the country’s largest bank made a net profit of over 205bn/-.