Helios Towers back Mount Kilimanjaro tree planting campaign

04Jun 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Helios Towers back Mount Kilimanjaro tree planting campaign
  • with 7k seedlings

TIGO Green for Kili campaign which seeks to plant over 28,000 trees at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro to restore its virginity and help reclaim its thawing ice cap has received 7,000 tree seedlings from Helios Towers Tanzania Limited.

Mount Kilimanjaro’s iconic ice cap is gradually melting due to rising global temperatures.

Helios Towers Tanzania which is the largest communications tower owner in the country donated the trees as part of celebrations to mark World Environment Day which will be commemorated on June 5 this year.

Tigo Tanzania Limited’s Northern Zone Manager, Daniel Mainoya said the telco will mark this year’s WED by planting thousands of trees at the foot of Africa’s highest mountain whose snow cap is threatened by global warming.

“The campaign has been very successful because so far we have managed to collect over 31,446 tree seedlings from partners and likeminded people including Helios Towers,” said Mainoya who thanked the donors for backing the campaign.

He pointed out that as sponsors of Kili Marathon for the past five years or so, Tigo’s management felt obliged to launch the campaign that seeks to restore the iconic mountain’s virginity because apart from being a source income for communities through tourism and other activities, it also helps tame global warming.

“As scientists have said, we hope that this tree planting campaign will ultimately help restore Mount Kilimanjaro snow cap which is its trade mark symbol,” the Tigo Northern Zone Manager added while calling on more donors to follow Helios Towers Tanzania move.

Speaking after presenting the seedlings in Hai District, Helios Tanzania’s Managing Director, Ramsey Koola said as a good corporate citizen, the company has a responsibility to invest in community social projects which include environmental protection.

“We at Helios understand that environmental degradation caused by deforestation is not good for individuals, companies and the economy,” Koola said noting that as the company focuses on increasing its communication towers investments countrywide, healthy people and improved environment are prerequisites.  

“Our sustainable investments are aimed at helping economic growth of the country and improvement of Tanzanians standards of living through better communication,” he added saying that Helios is in the country for good.

Tigo launched the ‘Tigo Green for Kili’ campaign in February this year with the aim of plant 28,000 trees Kilimanjaro Region to protect the environment around Mount Kilimanjaro and to bring back the snow cap.

Towards the WED celebrations on June 5th, with the slogan ‘Ecosystem Restoration,’ Tigo Managing Director Simon Karikatri said, “I would like to inform our stakeholders that we are still receiving donations to achieve our goal of planting 28,000 trees this year. The cost of one tree is 5,000/- which includes the upkeep of the tree for 18 months,” said Karikari in a statement earlier this week.

According to United Nation Environment Programme, restoration and other natural solutions can deliver one third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to keep global warming below 2C while also helping societies and economies adapt to climate change.

Restoring 15 percent of converted lands in the right places could prevent 60 percent of projected species extinctions while ecosystem restoration contributes to the achievement of all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals by their 2030 target date, including the elimination of poverty and hunger, UNEP said.

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