Huawei launches long lasting Y6 Pro

28May 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Huawei launches long lasting Y6 Pro

Huawei Device Tanzania has this week announced the arrival of its Huawei Y6Pro in the Tanzanian market, combining high style and performance.

The launch is timely and in response to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority call to consumers to encourage them to use genuine devices and stop the grey market.

In such a response, Huawei Tanzania has subsidized the price of Y6 Pro handsets so that all Tanzanians can enjoy the genuine smartphone with affordable price.

“The Y6 series is perfect for the Tanzanian market where cost and functionality are equally important. This device is ideal for those who need their phone to last for a period of time without being charged. It is one of the only phones in this price range that can tolerate days of heavy usage,” says Huziangyang Jacko, Huawei Device Country Manager.

Y6 Pro melds the best of stunning, iconic design. More than a smartphone, Y6 Pro strikes a perfect balance between beauty, simplicity and usability. Y6 Pro represents on-the-go lifestyle, youthful spirit and positive attitude which symbolizes its Tanzanian consumers.

The phone’s sleek, simple and elegant design style with customized curves offers users the most comfortable grip. As part of their unified design concept, Huawei designers researched premium materials, texture and curvature for the most natural palm fit.

“With our unremitting passion for innovation and technology, we are planning to create new and exciting features to our devices. We plan to create increasingly personalized and intelligent devices that empower you to do more all day long. Y6 Pro is an ideal device for highly active smartphone users” he affirmed.

Smartphones are fast becoming the central hub for home entertainment in Tanzania and Huawei Tanzania makes it easy to enjoy your multimedia experience in your phone.

For a standout look, Y6 Pro is available in Tanzania with a range of unique and customizable metallic textured design, in white, gray and gold. The visual thickness of Y6 Pro is thin enough for simplicity and convenient single-handed use.

Y6 Pro features the required battery stamina. The phone incorporates smart battery management to deliver more than 90 hours battery life. Eight unique power saving technologies including three proprietary technologies from Huawei ensure Y6 Pro super power performance.

Y6 Pro can identify work mode or sleep mode automatically based on user’s behavior. Y6 Pro is assured of long-lasting battery and high power capabilities.

Y6 Pro device is designed to adapt to your situation and environment, whether at home, work or on-the-go. Huawei Tanzania envisions Y6 Pro as intelligent devices that understand preferences, activities and behavior of the Tanzanians, to provide useful and contextual accompaniment.

The device brings a gorgeous design, high-quality visual clarity with a 5” HD IPS touch screen display gives you a clear and comfortable experience.

Through a deeper understanding of Tanzanian smartphone users’ demands, Y6 Pro is created as a user-friendly Android 4G smartphone with High-quality visual clarity, comfortable experience, and Smoother performance while multi-tasking.

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