Increased mobile money fraud prompts TCRA CCC to issue alert

30Jan 2017
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Increased mobile money fraud prompts TCRA CCC to issue alert

INCREASED cased of mobile money fraud in recent days has convinced Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority – Consumer Consultative Council- (TCRA-CCC) to issue an alert to the public to be careful.

TCRA-CCC acting Executive Secretary, Mary Shao warned mobile money subscribers against giving their passwords to unknown people who make deceitful phone calls and send mouth watering short text messages.

Shao said many mobile money subscribers are being defrauded of their cash by conmen using various cheatings ways to lure their victims.

She said in recent days, mobile money fraudsters have come up with new ways of stealing money from people’s mobile money accounts saying in some instances, such crooks would send an SMS to a mobile money user telling them that someone had mistakenly sent money to their account.

“After receiving this SMS, you will get another SMS which will also seem like it was sent by your network’s customer service personnel, telling you to send back the supposedly money that was mistakenly sent to you,” she explained.

She urged mobile money users not to respond to any SMSs of this nature or take any action as suggested. “You should always ignore such SMSs even if they come from a number that you recognize, the best thing to do is to call that number using a different number to confirm,” Shao stressed

On her part, Vodacom Tanzania Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations, Jacqueline Materu urged the company’s customers to be vigilant against fraudsters who call them and cheat them by saying they have won money from Nogesha Upendo promotion or M-Pesa bonus.

“We at Vodacom Tanzania don’t have the tendency of calling our customers to inform them about the distribution of the M-Pesa bonus, rather we send them their profit share as per each customer’s M-Pesa activity as required by the Bank of Tanzania,” Materu said.

She further explained that however, Vodacom Tanzania does call its customers to inform them that they have won cash from the Nogesha Upendo promotion whereas after this the amount won is sent directly to the customers within 24 or 48 hours.

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