Isles to revoke licenses of unscrupulous traders

16Jun 2016
The Guardian
Isles to revoke licenses of unscrupulous traders

ZANZIBAR government has threatened to revoke business licenses to Pemba businesses for one year if found selling their products at a high price due to political differences.

Ambassador Amina Salum Ali

Trade, Industry and Marketing minister, Ambassador Amina Salum Ali told the House of Representatives members yesterday that a team from her ministry was conducting a thoroughly investigation to identify such businesses.

According to her, majority of cases have been reported in Pemba Island where a businessman from a certain political party denies selling products to members of a rival party.

She was responding to a supplementary question from Viwe Khamis (Special Seats-Pemba) who wanted to know what measures has the government taken to deal with the matter especially in Pemba where most of the cases have been reported.

“The government will not tolerate the matter and it will quickly revoke all business licenses especially in Pemba were most cases are reported,” she stressed.

She said the ministry had requested traders to reduce prices for some of the products that have tax exemption especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Contributing to the motion, Kijotoupele representative, who is also Livestock, Tourism, Industry and Information Committee chairman, Ali Suleiman Ali said the government must take stern measures
to control the matter as the low income citizen suffer from the cause.

He said the sudden increase of prices on food items and other products especially during Ramadan adds a huge burden to the people. He thus called on businesses to adhere by the country’s laws and ease the burden on people.

Since the start of Ramadan Zanzibar has witnessed prices of foodstuff being increasingly hiked, a trend that slowly started after the October 25 general elections were annulled by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC).

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