Kagera entrepreneurs sensitised on use of standard marks

31Jul 2020
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Kagera entrepreneurs sensitised on use of standard marks

ENTREPRENEURS in Kagera Region have been called upon to improve standards of their businesses through the use of standard marks to be able to effectively compete in local and foreign markets.

The call was made by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Research Manager, Khamis Sudi when addressing participants of a one day workshop on quality control of products and standardisation held on Monday this week.

Sudi said that TBS has been educating entrepreneurs across the country on various issues related to quality control as well as standardisation of their products. He said the aim is to enable locally made goods to compete at international markets.

“We are striving to make sure that all the entrepreneurs have standard marks in accordance with the provisions of the country’s Standard Act. Having standard marks satisfy users and accredit the products,” said Sudi.

He explained that manufacturers who take their products to the markets without standard marks end up complaining of poor response from buyers.

Edward Matungwa, Manager with Nyaka Food in Bukoba municipal appealed to TBS to only grant standard marks to entrepreneurs who meet the set production standards. He raised concerns that bureaucracy in issuance of standard marks denies entrepreneurs an opportunity for doing businesses.

In his opening speech, Bukoba District Commissioner, Deodatus Kinawiro applauded TBS for visiting and providing training to local manufacturers. He said such visits help the standard watchdog to learn the challenges that entrepreneurs face in their daily operations.

“Entrepreneurs are key players in the national economy, TBS should ensure regular training as well as effective information sharing to uplift their goods’ standards,” he noted.

The District Commissioner appealed to the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) and TBS to help local manufacturers to access quality packaging materials.

According to Kinawiro, quality packaging of goods apart from promoting hygienic conditions also attract buyers.

Kagera Region in the Lake Zone borders four countries—Uganda, Rwanda Burundi and Kenya, with whom they share a border in Lake Victoria. It is also easy to reach South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from Kagera.

“Improving production of goods would enable us to conquer markets in neigbouring countries, this will improve the wellbeing of the residents and boost national economic growth,” said the district commissioner.


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