Kairuki advises TPC to venture into industrial sugar production

04Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Kairuki advises TPC to venture into industrial sugar production

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State in Prime Minister Office (Investment) Angela Kairuki has called on the Moshi-based sugar manufacturing company (TPC) to venture into the production of industrial sugar to reduce importation of the product.

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State in Prime Minister Office (Investment) Angela Kairuki.

Kairuki said that so far there is no large producer of industrial sugar in the country; hence the government imports 155,000 tonnes annually.

"That's why it is important for TPC to start producing industrial sugar to   reduce costs of importation," he said.

Kairuki made the call on Thursday when she visited TPC and other factories in Kilimanjaro Region such as the Hai-based Harsho Group and Bonite Bottlers.

“I advise TPC management to consider venturing into production of industrial sugar,  an area which is yet to be explored as there is no local producer of the product,” she said.

The minister further urged investors to look for more investment opportunities available in the country so as to make Tanzania an industrialised nation.

“This will also help to create employment opportunities for Tanzanians,” she said adding that there is a high demand for glass and plastic bottles in Tanzania as most of them are imported, that's why it is important for investors to venture into it.

“As government, we're ready to support you (investors),” she stressed.

Speaking at the Harsho Group factory, Kairuki urged investors to produce more livestock feeds to cut down importation.

TPC administrative officer, Jaffari Ally said that the factory has more than 3,300 tonnes, which are in the warehouse, allaying fears of sugar shortage in the country.

He discouraged wholesalers, and retailers to ensure they sell sugar as per indicative prices.

Harsho Group director Harold Shoo, appealed to the government to invest heavily in producing competent human resources.

“Getting skilled personnel is a serious challenge in Tanzania, the situation that compels us to rely on expatriates from outside the country, the move that makes us spend lots of money for that purpose,” he said.

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