Kamal ‘s Chair salutes JPM for purging corruption

22Jul 2019
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Kamal ‘s Chair salutes JPM for purging corruption

PRESIDENT John Magufuli’s relentless purging of corruption and bureaucratic red tape in the government has provided a conducive environment for private investments.

Kamal Group Chairman, Gagan Gupta.

Kamal Group Chairman, Gagan Gupta said in Dar es Salaam upon his arrival from an International Metallurgical Trade Fair (Metec 2019) which was held in German city of Düsseldorf last week that President Magufuli’s anti-corruption crackdown and his regular personal meetings with the private sector are encouraging gestures.

“The investors there wanted to hear from the horse’ mouth…I told them that President John Magufuli is undertaking great changes in Tanzania so that businesses can operate without being subjected to corruption and bureaucracy,” Gupta said in Dar es Salaam on arrival from German during the weekend.

“I told them that having been in Tanzania for over 15 years, all we can say is that the country is the best place for one to do business in…I did not tell them about the steel sector alone but rather, the entire economy and its growth momentum,” he added.

He said the aim was to ensure that more and more investor come to join their counterparts in the country so that together, they can advance the government’s industrialization agenda. “The President himself meets and listens to grievances of members of the business community and acts on them accordingly,” the Kamal Group chief explained.

He said as members of the business community, it was for them to join hands with the government in promoting Tanzania as a preferred investment destination. “It is our responsibility as investors to tell people outside about the business environment in Tanzania so that our colleagues can actually join us. That way, we will surely industrialize this country,” he said.

Gupta who was a panellist at the four-day trade fair and congresses, said as an investor in the steel industry, he told his audience that Tanzania is ready for business. “My role was to speak about investment opportunities in Tanzania. It was much about telling investors from across the world who gathered at the event that Tanzania is a place of choice for those who want to do business in Africa,” he said.

Ranking the Metec 2019 as one of the largest trade fair events in the world, the Kamal Group chairman pointed out that he was lucky to have been invited by one of the event’s key players, Africon.

Organized jointly by GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST, the event brings together international buyers, users, experts and decision makers from the metallurgy, heat technology and foundry industries.



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