Korogwe DC invites companies to support education, health

15May 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Korogwe DC invites companies to support education, health

PRIVATE companies and other development sponsoring institutions have been invited to support Korogwe district’s education and health improvement initiatives.

District Commissioner, Gwakisa Kasongwa

District Commissioner, Gwakisa Kasongwa said yesterday after meeting Airtel Tanzania Limited officials that by addressing shortfalls frustrating education and health sectors, authorities hope to improve performance of youth in development activities.

“In education, we have a campaign called ‘Nivushe nitimize ndoto zangu’ which literally means assist me to realise my dreams, which targets to build more classroom, mobilise resources to by teaching materials hence companies such as Airtel are an important partners in this regard,” Kasogwa said after meeting the mobile phone service companies officials.

He pointed out that Airtel which is already a good development partner as it provides reliable communication services in the district, should help improve education and health services in the district.

“Our campaign also involves keeping the environment clean and natural without destroying it so that economic activities can prevail smoothly,” the DC noted.

Airtel’s Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando commended the Korogwe DC for focusing o education, health and the environment promising that the company will assist by investing in such areas which are crucial for growth.

“We at Airtel are very proud for the good cooperation that we get from Korogwe authorities. Preserving good and clean environment is one of our key priorities because we care for the health of the society we serve,” Mmbando said.

He introduced DC Kasongwa to Airtel’s Vsomo platform for vocational training but also Airtel Fursa which is a campaign alerting youth about various opportunities available through the company’s products and services.

“Through Vsomo we have 13 different vocation training courses such as electrical technicians, motor-bicycle repairing and cookery, among other,” Mmbando noted.

Other courses available on Vsomo which can be accessed through smartphones include: computing, catering and food service techniques, mobile phones repair, cake baking and decoration.