Labour union officials urge TAZARA to handle staff issues carefully

13Jun 2018
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Labour union officials urge TAZARA to handle staff issues carefully

TRADE union officials want the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) management team to handle labour issues with care to save the company huge amounts of money spent on court cases by disgruntled staff.

Speaking at New Kapiri Mposhi yesterday during a meeting between the firm’s deputy managing director, Engineer Dr Betram Kiswaga and the company staff, trade union leader Shaba Ephraim said the management need to carefully assess all cases before finally dismissing workers saying this has previously led to the company facing many law suits in courts.

In an immediate rejoinder, the DMD said the management will ensure that they handle any issues pertaining to TAZARA to ensure that they don’t end up in court to avoid paying hefty compensation.

According to Dr Kiswaga, industry labour relations as well as relationship with shareholders and customers by the company has been good in the recent past, a situation that has seen increase in demands for the railways’ services.

In another move, TAZARA has reiterated its commitment to ensure its entire staff is covered by the health insurance.

The DMD made the commitment during the meeting with staff in Lusaka and Kapiri Mposhi where he said all staff in the Tanzanian side has been insured by NHIF with negotiations in progress to insure their Zambian counterparts.

In recent years, TAZARA has moved to reclaim its space after its poor performance in years 2014/2015 where it battled a number of court cases with staff.

The DMD is on a line tour where he began from Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi and Mushy in Zanzibar where he is meeting staff in a bid to address a number of challenges.

TAZARA according to testimonies from a tourist from Canada Divan Chan (79) has been listed as one among the 20 most interesting train journeys in the world.

The famous railway line runs from Dar as Salaam past the famous Serous Park all way to New Kapiri Mposhi, covering 1860 kilometres.