Legal Services Facility helps Nkasi divorced woman into micro-business

25Mar 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Legal Services Facility helps Nkasi divorced woman into micro-business

A divorced woman whose husband wanted to deny her share of wealth which they generated together has successfully managed to get her fair share and start a business.

In a statement, Legal Services Facility’s Paralegal, Filbert Milambo said Lilian Ally from Nkasi district of Rukwa region was given legal aid that enabled her get her marital share of the wealth hence allow her to evade the poverty trap which is associated with women.

“We helped the mother of two get her matrimonial wealth share after being divorced by her husband recently,” Milambo said adding that many women are divorced and denied their share of wealth by their spouses because they lack legal support.

“Lilian’s incident gives a broad picture of the huge number of women who are progressively discovering that their lives can be improved when they are knowledgeable about their rights,” he said. After successfully getting her matrimonial share of wealth, the lady has since engaged in micro businesses and is comfortably running her life with the two kids.

The LSF works closely with the government and other stakeholders in increasing access to justice for women in the country especially vulnerable groups like women and children whose rights have been trampled by men for years.

Countrywide, LSF paralegals at both regional and districts levels provide free legal aid services to marginalized groups who can’t afford legal representation which is costly. “This is the awakening call that has helped thousands of women in the country to access legal assistance on various cases to empower them socially, politically and economically,” said Milambo.

“Legal interventions is  considered  to  have  an  influence  on  women empowerment  through  raising  awareness  of  girls and women  towards  their  rights,” he noted while stressing that women's empowerment is a vital component towards reducing poverty among vulnerable groups in the community.