Legislator pushes for key road upgrade to boost area economy

02Jan 2019
By Financial Times Reporter
Financial Times
Legislator pushes for key road upgrade to boost area economy

SHINYANGA Urban Member of Parliament Stephen Masele (CCM) has called for the quick upgrading, to tarmac level, of the Shinyanga-Arusha road so as to quicken social and economic development along its route.

He said the road, starting from Kolandoto and traversing through Kishapu and Meatu to Arusha, will be a shortcut facilitating quick growth of the economy in the areas it passes through.

Masele (pictured), who also doubles as vice-chairman of the Pan African Parliament, made the remarks during a tour of his constituency by Zanzibar’s second vice-president Ambassador Seif Ali Idd.

The Isles VP was there to attend a meeting with government leaders, members of parliament, and Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) members at the CCM regional party offices in Shinyanga municipality.

He stressed that the Shinyanga-Arusha road is important economically as it connects two major economic hubs.

Apart from facilitating transportation of agricultural and livestock products, the road will also provide quick access for people travelling between the two points, including businessmen and traders.

“From Shinyanga, the road passes through two more constituencies. I am not a member of parliament in those areas, but I am ready to stand with them to push for the upgrading of the road because of its importance to the people and the nation,” he said.

The deputy minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Elias Kwandikwa, assured Maselle that the fifth phase government is committed to improving roads infrastructure across the country.

He said given its importance, Shinyanga–Arusha via Kolandoto is among roads that are in the government’s priority list for upgrading.