Local mattress manufacturer in campaign to rid the market of copycat

18Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Local mattress manufacturer in campaign to rid the market of copycat

BAFFLED by proliferation of copycat substandard mattresses masquerading in the market, GSM Tanzania has kick-started a national wide campaign ‘Tokomeza godoro bovu.’

GSM Group’s Communication and Marketing Manager, Martina Nkurlu (gesturing) takes journalists for a tour of a Chapa GSM mattresses manufacturing factory in Dar es Salaam during the launch of a campaign dubbed, ‘Tokomeza godoro bovu’ targeting counterfeits and substandard mattresses in the market. Photo courtesy of GSM.

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam this week, GSM Group Marketing and Communication Manager, Matina Nkurlu said the campaign will be conducted in different phases with the first one covering Coast, Lindi and Mtwara regions.

Nkurlu said his company decided to launch the campaign after realizing that a lot of consumers are buying counterfeit low quality mattresses which cost them much as such products have a short lifespan compared to genuine ones.

“Apart from fake mattresses there are also some which are genuine brand names and expensive but are of low quality hence not durable. If consumers buy such kind of mattresses they end up spending more money to buy the same product every short-while hence embracing poverty,” he noted.

He added that after realizing that consumers are being short-changed, GSM Tanzania has decided to bring local consumers genuine and high quality mattresses which last longer with Tanzania Bureau of Standards certification.

“We have HD and Spring mattresses which can be cleaned easily and get back to previous look,” the GSM Group Manager added while stressing that customers who buy the Dar es Salaam based company’s brands will never regret.

From Coast region, the ‘Tokomeza godoro bovu’ campaign will head to Lindi and Mtwara this weekend with a climax in end this month where a big sport concert will take place.

Apart from mattresses, GSM Tanzania also manufactures and distributes various home appliances, furniture, construction materials and fertilizers, among others.

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