LSF paralegals enable elderly woman get back land from grabber

11Sep 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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LSF paralegals enable elderly woman get back land from grabber

PARALEGAL aligned to Legal Services Facility have enabled an elderly woman from Malinyi District of Morogoro Region, Baituna Mwilenga get back her plot of land which was grabbed by her son.

The senior citizen thanked the paralegals for successfully allowing her to get back her piece of plot which she immediately handed over to her grandsons saying it will enable them lead a decent life even after her demise.

“I say thank you very much to the paralegals who have helped me get back my right,” Mwilenga said at the end of a meeting convened to solve the conflict which was also attended by her son, Hashim who accepted to return the grabbed plot. The event was witnesses by Lugala village local leaders, paralegals and relatives who were party to the conflict.

Speaking after resolving and restoring land to elderly woman, Malinyi Paralegal Unit’s Chairman, Rashid Kiding’a urged the public to contact paralegals when in need to get legal services including sensitization on their rights to guarantee the ability to know and demand  them when denied.

"The land issues comes up more frequently than any other  here in Malinyi hence paralegals need to work extra hard in sensitizing and providing legal aid services to the public,” Kiding’a said while noting that the paralegals also need empower the community is as far as land rights are concerned.

“Baituna’s case demonstrates regular difficulties that women face particularly in being recognized as rightful owners of valuable property,” he added adding that paralegals are available throughout the country.

“Our satisfaction now lies in seeing this old, frail woman get back farmland, this is what we stand for everyday,” Kiding’a noted. The MPU is an affiliate of LSF that provides legal aid and sensitization to the public through meetings in villages all over the country.

According to LSF figures for 2019, a total of legal aid services provided throughout the country involved approximately 61 percent women and 59 percent to men. Mwilenga story gives a picture of how ordinary and marginalised citizens are struggling on a daily basis to seek in a male dominated society and mainly involves property rights disputes. The LSF which is backed by a donor basket funding, supports paralegal organizations which have a strong commitment to increase access to justice with focus on women and girls.