Manufacturers challenge TBS on quality certification

16Apr 2018
The Guardian Reporter
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Manufacturers challenge TBS on quality certification

MANUFACTURERS have challenged the quality certification organs to collaborate with security and defence forces to make sure that only certified products prevail in the market in order to increase competition and protect Tanzanians.

TBS acting Director General Tumaini Mtitu

This was said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend by the manufacturer of dry gin identified as Gasper Mlay during an event to grant licences and tested product certificates which was organized by Tanzania Bureau of Standards .

A total of 60 manufacturers were issued with licences, 48 their licences were extended and 18 SME were given tested product certificates.

Speaking on behalf of others, Mlay said that at the moment there is no difference between certified and non certified products in the market .

“Non certified products are sold in the market with the certified ones , we do not see government’s intervention on this issue which harms businesses”, he said.

He said the certification organs like TBS should come forward and see that all products with quality mark prevail in the market to increase competition.

Apart from competition , certified products also play a crucial role to enable access foreign markets hence improve economy of the country.

He said the sale of substandard products in Tanzania had brought a lot of challenges for local manufacturers to compete in the markets.

Mlay who is the production manager at Mati Super Brands Limited also emphasized on the industrial economy, urging Tanzanians to join President John Magufuli’s drive to reach mid sized nation in 2025.

On her part part ,the TBS acting Director General Tumaini Mtitu said the government would continue to make sure that only certified products prevail in the market.

She said that in the past the watchdog had shortage of staff so it was difficult for them to remove all uncertified products in the market .

“The government has now agreed to increase workforce, I believe the issue of uncertified products in the market will be a history in the near future,” she said.

Explain on the mark, she said it give mandate to the companies to undertake measures for quality control of products of all descriptions and promote standardization in industry and commerce.

“We are aware that in our market there are many products that its standards are essential but its quality is unconfirmed,” Mtitu said adding that recently some industries have been shutdown simply because they do not comply to TBS regulations.

She noted that most of the industries tend to ignore to bring their products for approval something which led to unnecessary interruptions and losses for manufacturers concerned, it is important to consult us voluntarily for the betterment of the consumers.

Mtitu directed all the manufacturers to continue producing goods that meet TBS standards to avoid legal actions.

She warned that the Bureau has launched an electronic mark, a sophisticated traceability system to deal with manufacturers who produce and circulate substandard goods and products in the local market.