Mbeya farmers complain over rapid price increase of maize

05Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
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Mbeya farmers complain over rapid price increase of maize

RESIDENTS in Mbeya Region are complaining over the rapid price increase of the maize crop, something which greatly affects low income families.

According to them, the price has changed hastily in just a week and called for the government to intervene and fight the unhealthy inflation rate.

Oliver Sanga, Iyunga resident in Mbeya city told this paper that some weeks ago, 20kg of maize was sold at 8000 but it has now hiked to 13000/-.

“Normal citizens with low income are the ones who feel the hardship, we have gone back to the tough life we experienced in 2017 where a 20kg bucket of maize reached 20,000/-. We are calling on the government to monitor prices of these important food crops so as to support poor families who cannot afford high prices,” she explained.

Stewart John, a maize trader at Soweto market acknowledged that the rapid increase of the price of the product is caused by the interaction of economic activities and big traders going directly to farmers to purchase maize by setting prices by themselves.

“For example in November last year, we were purchasing a 20kg bucket of maize at a price of 4500/- to 5000/- and then came to sell at 8,000/- to 8,500 to the market, but now it is not the same, big traders are penetrating themselves to the farmers to purchase the product,” he said.

He said inflation causes a lot of harm and hardship to low income communities and families, something which needs immediate action by the government.

Sekela Mwakitalima, a maize possessing entrepreneur said the high maize price does not only affect low income families but also small-scale traders who do not afford the price and end up producing little.

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