Mbeya residents to pay water bills, others through e-govt platform

17Apr 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Mbeya residents to pay water bills, others through e-govt platform

RESIDENTS of Mbeya City who use water from Mbeya Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (Mbeya UWASA) can now pay their monthly bills through Government’s Electronic Payment Gateway (GEPG) QR Code.

In addition, the Tigo Tanzania Limited mobile phone subscribers can also pay for bills, fees and commissions to over 300 government agencies, departments and regulatory bodies through GEPG QR code.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the GePG platform in Mbeya for Tigo subscribers yesterday, Mbeya UWASA’s assistant Public Relations Manager, Kadri Makongwa said the government platform provides a payment gateway by which ministries, agencies and other public institutions can receive electronic payments via mobile money, bank cards or online banking.

“This system of payment is much easier, safe and efficient enabling people to settle bills using thei mobile handsets,” said Makongwa.

His observation was backed by Tigo’s Territory Manager for Southern Zone, Ladislaus Karlo who pointed out that GePG is also risk free. “Supporting government plans to increase financial inclusion in Tanzania has always been one of our strategic objectives,” noted Karlo who urged residents of Mbeya city to make use of the technology.

He said Mbeya residents join more than seven million Tigo customers countywide who are using Tigo Pesa application to pay for different goods and services. “Our Tigo Pesa services now have more options to make quick, easy and secure payments to many other private suppliers of goods and services in the coutry.

“Our subscribers can settle bills with ministries, government departments, agencies and other public utilities through Tigo Pesa USSD, Tigo Pesa App or QR code,” said Tigo’s Head of mobile financial services business to business, Ally Maswanya added.

Apart from Mbeya UWASA, Tigo subscribers can also pay their bills to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Tanesco, Local Government Authorities (LGAs), Tanzania Ports Authority, Tanzania National Parks Authority, Tanzania Forest Services (TFS), Muhimbili National Hospital and Higher Education Student’s Loans Board, among many others.

After completing the payments, Tigo customers will receive an electronic text message receipt confirming the transaction. The e-receipt is acceptable as proof of the payment and eases traceability of the transactions because it is easy to save, retrieve and trace as opposed to physical receipts that could easily get lost or damaged.



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