Medical Stores accountants get banking, finance basics from NMB

19Jun 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Medical Stores accountants get banking, finance basics from NMB

SEVENTEEN senior officers from Medical Stores Department (MSD)’s accounts department have undergone training in trade finance and corporate banking organised by NMB Bank Plc.

Medical Stores Department’s Director General, Laurean Bwanakunu (R) and SADC Executive Secretary, Dr Stergomena Tax signing the deal in Dar es Salaam last year.

The 17 accountants were trained in Dar es Salaam this week as NMB seeks to impart modern banking and financing skills which MSD officials need badly to execute their new role as a procuring entity for 16 Southern African Development Community (SADC) region’s medicines, medical supplies and laboratory equipment.

Addressing the participants of the training session, NMB’s Senior Relations Manager from Finance Department, Louis Kavira said the bank had decided to train the MSD officials so that they can competently engage in international business.

He said MSD which was last year awarded an international tender to procure and supply 16 Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member nations with medicines, medical supplies and laboratory equipment, has an important role to deliver on the massive task.

“As one of our major clients, we saw it necessary to impart to them trade finance and corporate banking skills which they now badly need to successfully deliver on their new role,” said Kavira who further noted that MSD’s delivering on the SADC tender will not only benefit them as an institution but the whole country.

He said NMB has a custom of developing capacity of its big clients such as MSD through its Trade Finance and Corporate Banking Departments as a way of ensuring that they successfully execute their roles.

“After this training session, we are confident that these MSD officials will competitively deliver on their new international role,” he added. One of the MSD officials who is a Risk Officer, Hassan Ally said the knowledge imparted by NMB experts was timely and crucial because it built their capacity to engage in international trade and business transactions.

“We honestly thank NMB for this training which has given us new knowledge and skills in international trade,” Ally said while urging the bank to regularly conduct such trainings for its big clients so that they can competently trade internationally.

In October last year, MSD was awarded an international contract to procure medicines and medical equipment and kits for the 16 SADC member nations in a deal that is worth billions of dollars.