Mgumba gives TARURA three days to explain diversion of 7bn/- road fund

08Dec 2021
The Guardian
Mgumba gives TARURA three days to explain diversion of 7bn/- road fund

SONGWE Regional Commissioner Omary Mgumba has given three days to Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) in Ileje District to explain following its diversion in the use of the 7bn/-earmarked for the construction of the 7km road from Mt. Kabulu coal mining area to the STAMICO Mines at Kiwira.

SONGWE Regional Commissioner Omary Mgumba.

Mgumba issued the ultimatum during his visit to inspect State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) coal mining activities at Mt Kabulu in Ikinga Ward.

He said TARURA in Ileje District have removed from the plan to build the road and the funds were directed to other roads saying STAMICO should build the road using funds from their own internal revenues, with the RC insisting that TARURA had disregarded Parliament’s decision when allocating the important road building budget.

Mgumba said the Parliament allocated 7bn/- due to the road’s importance that would have simplified transport of coal as of now the coal mined has to be transported over 38 kms.

He said for Songwe Region the road was important for the Ileje, Songwe Region and the national economy in general.

For his part, Andrew Kibarange, coordinator of Kiwira Coal Mining activities said when completed, the construction of the 7km road will bring benefits in coal mining business and provide competition in the world market.

He said the government should mobilise cement manufacturers, both state owned and private to buy coal from STAMICO as the coal is of quality standards, and added that in the coming year, they expect to produce more than 1.5 million tonnes of coal.