Minister Mhagama commends Kyoo management for bold safety measures

16Dec 2021
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Minister Mhagama commends Kyoo management for bold safety measures

INVESTMENT into the safety and security of employees at Kioo Limited in Dar es Salaam has impressed Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy and Parliament Affairs), Jenister Mhagama who called on other employers to emulate.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (policy and parliament affairs), Jenister Mhagama (back to camera) talking to Kioo Limited’s management when she visited the factory in Dar es Salaam last week. Photo: Guardian Correspondent.

Mhagama who toured Kioo Limited’s main factory in Dar es Salaam last week as part of activities to commemorate the country’s 60th anniversary of independence said the company’s management has invested in systems that guarantee safety at work place.

She said as the country marks 60 years of independence, it is important that Tanzanian workers are well protected while at work as required by regulations. “The report that was presented and what I have seen around the factory all align well with the government’s regulations and for that, I congratulate you,” Mhagama said.

She added that Kioo Limited’s management has performed well in improving workers’ benefits while the factory also pays huge amount of taxes to Treasury which helps government finance development projects.

Speaking at the same event, Occupation Safety and Health Authority (OSHA)’s CEO, Khadija Mwenda who accompanied Mhagama, also commended the Kioo Limited’s management for the big investment made to improve safety and security of the factory premises that guarantee safety and health of employees.

“I urge other industries to come and learn from Kioo Limited on how to put systems that guarantee safety and health at their workplaces to ensure that their employees are not at risk while undertaking their routine duties,” Mwenda said.

Briefing Minister Mhagama on Kioo Limited’s investment in occupation health and safety, the company’s Human Resource Manager, Jacob Msuya said they have been able to comply with the law because of OSHA’s good guidance.

“Our management has been doing everything that it can to ensure that all employees remain safe when executing their daily duties by investing in modern facilities around the factory premises,” Msuya said.

He said Kioo Limited is a proud Tanzanian and East African glass manufacturer whose range of products sell widely both locally and in the Southern Africa region.

“Kioo is one of the largest manufacturers of container glass for soft drinks, beverage, beer, alcohol and food in East and Central Africa.  Kioo’s facility is modern and most technically capable plant in the entire region which offers best quality, light weight and reduces production costs to its customers,” he added noting that the factory employs over 600 people directly. Currently, the plant has a capacity to produce about 400 tons of glass per day of which almost 60 percent is exported while the remainder sells locally.