Mobile phone firm takes 4G network to Mara region

21Jun 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Mobile phone firm takes 4G network to Mara region

RESIDENTS of Tarime district in Mara region are now connected to fourth generation technology which promises cheap and efficient communication services.

Tarime District Commissioner, Charles Kabeho

Tarime District Commissioner, Charles Kabeho welcomed Tigo Tanzania’s investment in upgrading the 3G network tower to 4G saying it will go a long way in speeding up development in the district which is a vibrant agriculture, fishing and mining resources.

Kabeho said the 4G network will revolutionize communications in the area with enhanced technology aimed at offering the best voice, internet and mobile money services to the public.

“I recommend the management of Tigo for connecting residents of Tarime with this fourth generation network facility,” Kabeho noted while calling on residents of his district to make use of Tigo’s investment.

“We are living in an era of science and technology, almost nothing can be done without a mobile device or access to the internet. As you are well aware, Tarime is a mining district, we are also bordered to the south with the famous Serengeti National Park and to the north to east with Kenya, meaning the new 4G network can facilitate a lot of economic activities at a faster pace,” Kabeho added.

Speaking at the same event, Tigo’s Territory Manager for Lake Zone, Daniel Mainoya said with 4G network, the company has assured residents of Tarime access to quality and affordable services through its innovative offers such as ‘SaiziYako.’

“With‘SaiziYako,’ if a customer uses more minutes than internet and SMS one will get the best package for minutes. If one uses more internet than minutes and SMS, then the customer will be awarded with the best package for internet,” said Mainoya.

Apart from ‘SaiziYako,’ customers in Tarime town can also get access to Tigo’s special site offer, whereas customers swapping their 3G SIM cards to 4G will get awarded with four gigabytes of free internet for a week.

“We believe that the upgrade of this network site to 4G in combination with our special offers give our customers an excellent user experience in terms of high-speed data transfer at affordable rates,” the Tigo Lake Zone Territory Manager noted.

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